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Creating and Setting up your account

  • Visit www.securestockfx.com to register

  • Fill in the registration data.

  • Click on create account.

  • Choose a suitable investment plan

    Select a suitable investment plan that best suits you and proceed to fund your account with the required capital
    You can always contact our support team for assistance.

    Managing my Account

    Account Information

    Manage information about your account, payment, withdrawal and next of kin in your profile.

    Reseting my pasword

  • In Login panel click on Forgot your Password?

  • Input your email click → Reset my password

  • A reset link will be sent to your email.

  • Follow the prompt to reset your account password.

  • Investing & Funding

    Investment Prices

    Refer to investment plan table on homepage or click on this link Plans

    Click on the chat button to get more support

    Available balance

    Click on Dashboard → Wallet, to view your wallet balance

    Top up Wallet

  • Login to your dashboard via the log in botton

  • Click the wallet icon on your dashboard

  • Get your external wallet set up

  • Come back to your securestockfx wallet (site wallet)

  • Click deposit → click generate wallet address

  • Copy the wallet address and use it to deposit and fund your wallet

  • Contact our support team for help if needed

  • How we make money from your investment

    We strive to be very transparent in our dealings with investors and so we are obligated to tell you how we make profits for you with your money in simple terms as we can.

    Our investment plans have a Minimum of 40% Return On Investment(ROI) for every 12 hours, in clear figures we should calculate that an investment of $1,000 will return profits of over $400 in 12 hours and $2,400 in 72 hours which is the maximum trading duration for an investment, except the investment plan is upgraded, your deposit stays intact and can be withdrawn along side your profits or can be reinvested.

    This Is one of the safest investment with zero risks as securestockfx provides a level of assets And capital protection, once your assets is invested on, your initial capital cannot and will not be affected by market Volatility even though the value of Assets Invested on increases or decreases during trading it doesn't affect your initial capital negatively. You also get to reap additional rewards when the value of the Assets we will be Trading on goes through an upsurge in the trade market.

    This is different not just having to buy and hold cryptocurrencies in your wallet, like most ignorant people do waiting for it to rise while there is an upsurge and trying to sell it off before it dip's.


    We are dedicated to studying and generating profitable and successful trading ideas and concepts to make sure we provide steady and sustainable income for our clients and the world in general. securestockfx is the award winning platform we have proven our selfs time and again from the accolades we have been given, we are legally certified to operate any were in the world, while being certified by the world's most finest financial institutions. Our Broker's have been seen to be the best due to the convenience of the environment they are made to work in, in all securestockfx is mainly dedicated to serving and protecting your financial future.

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    HOW TO BUY Bitcoin

    Visit Any local bitcoin retailers around you request to buy bitcoin.

    Or ask customer help to assist you in order to purchase on our site.

    Secure Stock Fx is one of the world's largest investment companies, offering a large selection of low-cost mutual funds, ETFs, advice, and related services, with a long history in profitable ventures in digital assets world wide.